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Boni B LaValley   (#51)   

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Nevada City, CA
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Brown LaValley and Company, Coaching International
P.O. Box 1070

Nevada City, CA  

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Brown LaValley & Company, Coaching International
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Director/ Coach
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About Boni LaValley

I help entrepreneurial women create highly successful businesses on their own terms, businesses that bring the joy and satisfaction of freedom and self-expression. I help women go deep, get out of their own way, break the unwritten rules that constrain them, and take courageous leaps as their business unfolds and grows. I help women create a business and a life that they fully own.

For a woman, being an entrepreneur is a radical act. It requires us to think and act in ways that we are not socialized to do within our culture, our families, our educational systems. It requires a paradigm shift about who we think we are and who we know we can be. Most of this is transparent to us.

We were raised to think we can do anything, and on the books, we mostly can. However, the books don’t reflect the internal reality for most women. We live a strangely dual life. We want, we desire, we know we can, and yet we have the inner voice of the generations telling us that we can’t, that we aren’t smart enough, or good enough, or we won’t be liked if we do, or any one of a hundred other permutations of the same theme: you can’t do it. So, we start, and then we stop ourselves. We go for it, then we put the brakes on. Or, we convince ourselves that we shouldn’t, or that we aren’t capable, and we never even begin.

It is imperative that as women entrepreneurs we do deep work to investigate the internal landscape of doubt that will sabotage us. As your coach, mentor and consultant, I will work with you in a multi-step process to go deep and build a critical new foundation of competence and confidence, discover your true north, and then create an action plan to build a highly successful business on your own terms.

I am an accidental serial entrepreneur myself. In my early twenties I had a boss who got a little too handsy with me. In those days there was nothing much a woman could do about that. I vowed to myself that I would never, ever let anyone determine my future again, or make me play by their rules. So, I had to become an entrepreneur. It has been an exciting and fulfilling adventure.

Working with me will be your declaration that you are prepared to commit a radical act: you are prepared to do what it takes, to go deep, take big leaps of courage, work hard, and create a business that allows you the self-expression and freedom that you are longing for.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know yet how you will do it, or that your inner critic tells you that you aren’t capable.

That is the beauty of my process. Together, using the process, we will create a business that is both successful and satisfying. We will create a life that is authentic, fulfilled and creative that is a full expression of who you are.

I am a coach, mentor and consultant to my clients. I am committed to calling forth your highest self. I am committed to seeing you as bigger than you see yourself. I am a stand for your greatness.